Mental stamina

The information on ‘for how long we can run, walk or do particular physical activities’ tells us about our physical stamina.

The duration ‘for how long we can control our mind’ tells us about our mental stamina. For how long you can focus on a particular cognitive activity that requires deep concentration? Can you control your senses for 10 minutes, better if you can do this for 1 hour. Just like the physical stamina, the more mental stamina you have better it is.

You can build your mental stamina the same way you build your physical stamina. Simply by practicing more and more. Running won’t help, you need to do mental work that requires you to focus on a particular thing i.e. breathing. Meditation is an activity that keeps you focused on breathing. You should do it regularly to build up your mental stamina.

The light torch

I was in an endless large field where only few people were active others were simply sleeping. It was night time but there was light somewhere. I was half sleepy and half awaken. I wanted to follow the light but without knowing the light source, how can I begin my journey.

One person who was a kind of prankish personality was trying to do something unusual that caught my attention. He was speaking loudly, at first I thought he has some sleep problems and he wanted others to wake up as well. Soon, I observed a distinct object that person was holding it. That was the source from where the light was coming. It was the instance that made me sure that it was the light source I was looking for so long.

I wanted to grab it and for that I have to wake up but I wasn’t sure whether I am dreaming or it was reality. I wasn’t sure whether I should wake up or continue sleeping as most of the people around me were doing.

But sleeping was never fun for me and I’d always believed that there are less differences between a person who is sleeping and one who is dead. So I decided to wake up. I stood up and ran toward the torch, but it wasn’t tangible. I couldn’t touch it, how can I take it then. That person told me ‘How can I get it’. He told me the secret loudly but still few people around me couldn’t hear that. But I was happy because I got the secret.

I want to tell it back to those people who missed it, before that I felt the desire to first see the light torch in my hand. As per the instructions, I believed that there were lots of tiny mirrors in my mind and since I was looking consciously towards the light torch. Few of those rays were getting inside my mind through my eyes. They were being amplified by my mind mirrors. Now I was feeling that the light was inside me. I no longer needed to look at that torch.

I thanked that person and started following the path of light and committed to myself that I will certainly give this ‘secret of light torch’ to the people who really want it.

That’s the secret:

“First open your eyes to see that light, then look at it until you see that light in yourself”

My trip to Jaisalmer

Hi friends,
I recently had a visit to Jaisalmer to attend my friend’s wedding ceremony. It was an unforgettable experience. I am so excited to share my best moment with you. Although those moments were ineffable, I will explain why my experience is worth sharing.

The time we arrived sand dunes, there was nothing but placid desert. Soon docile wind started blowing sand and became a nettlesome storm. All the camels that were initially looking imperturbable started moving faster. We felt as if it was the end of our halcyon hour.

Soon weather turned out in our favor and it started raining. It made our ambiance serene and our demure smile turned into guffaws. We started enjoying camel safari. In my humble suggestion, you should visit this place at least once.


Can you answer these 5 programming language based questions. (1-2 min.)

Hi friends,

Thanks for sparing few minutes. I’ve designed these questions for you, if you want to check your theoretical background in programming. It will take only 1 or 2 minute.

Find these questions below.

  1. What is the most critical feature of programming languages
    a. Readability
    b. Well-developed library
    c. Robustness
    d. Programmer friendliness

  2. Which of the following is not a client side scripting language
    a. Coffeescript
    b. Javascript
    c. Cold Fusion Markup Language
    d. ECMAScript

  3. Programming is widely used for which of the following purpose
    a. Automation
    b. To solve complex problems
    c. For efficient use of resources
    d. All of the above

  4. Which of the following is oldest programming language
    a. FORTRAN
    b. ALGOL
    c. COBOL
    d. BASIC

  5. Which one of the following is a kind of scientific programming language
    a. C
    b. FORTRAN
    c. Java
    d. Ruby

You can provide your answers in comment section.


Sorry – Long time no see

Hi friends,

So meanwhile I was writing on Twitter, Quora, YouTube and others. After a long time I am back again on WordPress. This time I have got some advices for better writing. I am going to share these ‘Better writing tips’ for GRE, TOEFL test takers etc.

Please tell me if this help you by leaving me a comment/reply on my upcoming posts.

Thank you.

Never be hopeless – Read how you can get a ray of hope

Whenever I feel like “There are things I can’t control or I can’t change this or something with more hopelessness like I can’t do this

I speak to myself

Is this true ? No. There must be a possibility. Yes there is a possibility. It is possible. If it is possible then I can do it. If I can do it I should do it.

I find these lines to be hopeful. I think, saying these lines to yourself will also help you a lot.

Programming tips that always work

OH !!! The problem is easy, I got it, I know what is tricky in the problem, I can definitely make this program and then you just start your work on keyboard and after working for a while all of a sudden you stop writing code.

Does this happens to you a lot of time ???
Okay then I guess, this post will help you in figuring out what you are missing…

So, What do you think, why it happens to you – because you don’t actually know what you need, what you need to design, you know how to write a program, how to code, how to indent and other required things, but what is that makes you stop writing …???

Its the Idea you need to get first of all…See how it helps.
To check that, I’d like you to follow these simple steps every time you begin coding

  1.  To save a lot of time, you don’t really need to start directly with coding, In fact this should be the last thing to do.
    So my first tip is – Take a pen & paper
  2. Observe carefully what is given to you, and what is asked – you may think that it is very simple, but this is what people underestimate, so please don’t just skip this part and give it extra time so that your mind can really understand what the problem is ??
    So the second tip is – Plant the seed of problem in your mind.
  3. Now this is the time where power of experience comes, the more experienced you are in logic designing and problem solving, more quickly you will design you solution.
    The third tip is – Design algorithm – See how this solution will works in your scenario
  4. If you think and if your solution fits over all the problem cases, Its time to move on to keyboard, write all your code what you’ve designed in your algorithm.
    Fourth tip is – Write everything you know( Don’t try to trim the code at this moment)
  5. The time you’ll be exhausted and that’s why this task should be easy and see what you gotta do here
    Fifth tip – Debugging – Try to resolve errors/warnings, indent your code, prepare documentation and try to shorten your code.


Always remember……

Full House in a game of POKER — Get the Probability

You want to write a program that

1) has a class ‘card’ which identifies each card from a pack of cards with number and suite like
Example: Ace of Hearts would be ‘1H’, 7 of Clubs would be ‘7C’, King of Diamonds would be ’13D’ etc.

2) the program should pick a random card from 52 cards that are part of standard deck (without jokers). and basd on card picked, output all possible combnations for a Full house in Poker containing that card.
For example:
if I pick 4S (for 4 of Spades), the output should say: you picked 4S all possible combinations of Full House containing
4S: 4S4C1S1C1H 4S4H1S1C1H 4S4D1S1C1H . . … etc. And

3) Print out the probability that you would get a full house if you pick this card, and 4 more cards at random

Get the code which tells you how much is the probability of getting a full House in a game of POKER from CS_IT folder from my box widget.

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